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Let's #DiversifyTech

Thank you! \o/ Let's #diversifytech! from Rails Girls Summer of Code on Vimeo.

Rails Girls Summer of Code is a program open to people around the world which provides full-time scholarships for three months over the summer. In the last three years, 104 students from 23 countries worked on a total of 39 Open Source projects through our initiative. RGSoC helps women develop their programming skills by getting them involved in open-source projects and, at the same time, makes Tech a better place for everyone. It is not just about coding, it is changing the world while we code.

This year, we wanted to acknowledge all the support we have received to this program and co-create something that represents our joint effort to make the Tech Community more inclusive. The thank_you board (on the video above) portrays a community that evolves because of the actions of each individual, becoming more inclusive.

Each square added means that someone or a group of people has jumpstarted their career in tech and on the back of those squares, there is the name of a person or company who contributed to RGSoC. With your support we have already added 445 squares to our board and funded 11 teams. This is amazing!

Let’s complete this board and fund even more teams! Let’s #DiversifyTech!

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